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I’m new to Healthcare in our city. New in the sense that it’s not where I spent the first 15 years of my career – until recently. But I’m not new to the modern wonder that technology and passionate healthcare providers can play in real life situations. I saw that up close.

Both the miracle of its power to sustain life and the sometimes staggering financial implications (yes, even with “good” insurance).

My wife spent ten weeks on “hospital bed rest” on the antepartum floor of a couple different Nashville hospitals when we were expecting twins. She went into preterm labor at just 19 weeks pregnant. We were scared. That’s an understatement.

In 10 weeks she felt the sun on her skin just once – on a 10 minute wheel chair trip to the hospital’s serenity garden. We’ll never forget those 10 minutes wheeling around the garden, while I pushed the chair and guided her IV stand along side. Her nurses and doctors took great care of her – aided by new technology that was making the continued development of our twins possible. In another place or another time our outcome would have been different.

Our twins were born 10 weeks early despite the technology being utilized. Considering the initial circumstances and prognosis, we were glad to make it that far.  At 30 weeks they were as healthy as 10 week preemies can be. Then they battled RSV after a brief time at home.

Immediately on the heels of the recovery of my wife and children my mother was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. But once again, healthcare and technology prevailed after a long difficult battle.

I felt very fortunate to live in our modern age – and in the hub of healthcare technology – Nashville, TN.

Now, in my career as a healthcare focused executive recruiter and business development director I meet many of our cities brightest visionaries and most successful executives. A year ago I’m not sure I could have named a single C-suite executive or Ivy league MBA working in our city – healthcare or otherwise. Now, I know many of them personally and call them friends. I serve them daily in solving problems with good people. I specialize in strategy for companies needing new leadership and also coming along side Senior level executives who are ready to move on to new challenges.

I’m far from a healthcare expert, but I am passionate about it and about connecting other passionate people with opportunities to do great work. A painful or challenging experience can lead you to your life’s work.

Strange as it sounds, coffee has been my catalyst and connection: I drink a lot coffee while getting to know people around our city. And that’s where the idea for this site came about.

What if I were able to share what I learned about these great people? What if they were real to the community and the people they call neighbors.  And to the cities being effected by their passion for patient care and outcomes.

So I had this idea that I would share some of these 30-minute coffee meetings in this forum. Real talk and guest blog posts. Cutting through as much jargon as possible and getting to the heart of why Nashville leads the way and why there is still so much work to be done to improve healthcare in our country.

There’s more to the vision as well….

Our vision: to provide inside information from Nashville’s healthcare leaders, visionaries, and care providers. As Healthcare Information Technology evolves to keep demand with HITECH, HIPAA, and the ACA our vision is to provide our readers with news and views from the front line – directly from those who work tirelessly to improve patient outcomes.


While Healthcare has long dominated our business sector, we are also becoming a major technology hub for forward thinking, fast growing tech companies. I meet a lot of people who are positively changing the business and economic landscape of our city. We’ll deliver the same news and profiles from the visionaries leading those companies as well.

Industry giants, the hottest startups, and more.

We’re looking for guest bloggers and companies who want to be featured.

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