Chiropractic Care for Athletes

In hard exercise routines and tough practices, an athlete's entire body handles a ton of stress which sometimes can morph into severe injuries.

In Chiropractor treatment, a chiropractic doctor can help improve your performance in the game by fixing spinal alignment and function.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Asymmetries

Main reason for injuries in players is asymmetry, which means both side of the body are not the same. Often strength difference on the right or left side can result in some type of asymmetry which may induce flexibility and mobility problems.

Chiropractic treatment helps an athlete to obtain the body correctly aligned. Soft tissue massage is used to relieve pressure and keep the body correctly alignment. Chiropractic Adjustments for Asymmetries helps to reduce the potential risk of injury as one region of the body do not need to work as hard by improving the slack from a poor part of the body.

The  Range of Motion..

When your spine is not in correct position, your muscles cramp up frequently, reducing the ability to move. A simple rule of thumb is that relieving misalignment helps clear up areas of pressure, decreasing pain and improving range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments relieve the misalignment, as a by product, this treatment method usually improves your workout especially in overhead lifts since tight muscles won't hold you back.

Faster Healing

Body Misalignment slows down healing process. Chiropractic adjustments accelerate the recovery process of your muscles. When a player is injured, his body itself attempts to protect him from muscle spams, which improves the recovery time and help the player to get back in the game.

Should I consult to a Chiropractor?

Ideally, the answer is absolutely yes. Chiropractic care programs can maximize recovery which help keep your body fit therefore several professional teams include a chiropractor on consult or on staff. For the best treatment, find a chiropractic specialist who has expertise handling athletes. A session with a chiropractor a couple of times in a week can create a big difference later in your season, if you want to be at your best.

Find the Best Chiropractor in Denver

Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Denver Chiropractic Center

At Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Denver Chiropractic Center, We look forward to helping you with back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and Functional Medicine in Denver. Our chiropractor has proudly served the wonderful people of Denver since 1998.

We focus primarily on the spine, but we can also help treating:


Shoulder Pain


 Shoulder, elbow and hand sprains and strains


Hip, Knee,  and Ankle  Sprains and Strains


Tennis/Golfer's Elbow




 Mid-back and Low-back pain


 Sciatica Treatment

Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Denver Chiropractic Center

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